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Burns Last Supper - Second Tour - March 2015

I have just completed a second tour of Burns Last Supper for Hopscotch Theatre Company - I reprised the thirteen characters I played last year, including The Devil, Jean Armour, Nelly Kilpatrick and Agnes Burns! We toured from January through to March across Scotland.

* * *

The Walthamstow Mysteries - September 2014

I had lots of fun in September performing in The Walthamstow Mysteries, a site specific theatre production set in The Walthamstow Marshes in East London. I played the very exuberant Lady of the Pageant based on the historical figure of Miss Constance Saunders. The cast of four performed a magical tale of mystery inspired by real events from Walthamstow's past, while leading audiences (which included children, bikes and dogs) round various beauty spots in the Marshes. The audience response was fantastic and we had over 150 people at our final show!


What the reviewers said:

'Everything about this production is magical, being out on the marshes, seeing tales of Walthamstow bought to life - what better way to spend an afternoon' (Walthamstow Diary)

'The opening scene of The Walthamstow Mysteries is a true feast for the senses, music, laughter, shouting and a feeling of uncertainty, wondering what’s going to happen next...' (Walthamstow Diary)

'With this kind of performance there is non of the stuffy late comers policy you get in theatres, people just join in, and perhaps wonder what on earth is happening...' (Walthamstow Diary)

* * *

Burns Last Supper - March 2014

I have recently finished working with Hopscotch Theatre Company on their production of Burns Last Supper. A forty five minute show with live music, Burns Last Supper told the story of Robert Burns' life from his childhood in Ayrshire through to his death in Dumfries at the age of thirty seven. A two hander, I played thirteen different characters including, Jean Armour, Nelly Kilpatrick and the Devil!

* * *

Car Commercial - October 2013

I am delighted with how funny this car commercial I filmed earlier in the year has turned out. It was filmed in one day in south London and has been viewed over a million times on you tube. Watch the video below!

* * *

Europa, Our First Migrant - September 2013

I have now finished performing in Europa by Replico Productions. The play, which was a modern retelling of the ancient myth of Europa and the Bull, opened on the 23rd of August at the Edinburgh Fringe, then went on to tour to some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland including, Orkney, Shetland, Lewis, Harris, Uist, Skye and Mull. The company took fourteen ferry trips including a fifteen hour journey from Shetland to Aberdeen!! I had a fantastic time and I'm really going to miss everyone involved.

* * *

Feather - The Miniaturists - July 2013

I had great fun on Sunday the 7th of July performing in Feather by Phil Mulryne at The Arcola Theatre. The play was one of five short pieces selected for The Miniaturists, a monthly short play night hosted by the Arcola. It was great to work with Phil again too - We first met when we acted together in A Christmas Carol all the way back in 2007!!

* * *

The Conference Of The Faeries - November 2012

It was fantastic to return to The Walking Theatre Company at the end of last month for two performances of The Conference Of The Faeries in Campbelltown and then Helensburgh. In this abbreviated version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, I played Titania. We had great audiences at both performances - despite the midges!!

* * *

We Have Won The Land - October 2012

I have now finished touring We Have Won The Land for Hebridean Theatre Company Rural Nations. This partly devised piece was developed over seven workshop weeks in London, Glasgow and Lewis. Set on a fictional Hebridean island called Murg, the play told the story of community land ownership in rural Scotland. The production opened with four performances on Lewis and then toured across the Highlands and Islands. We visited some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland including Eigg, Knoydart and Skye and I had a fantastic time!

What the reviewers said:

'The cast of four (literally) wore many hats, switching roles, accents and costumes with amazing aplomb. With such a dazzling array of characters swirling before us, it is difficult to single out those most worthy of mention, but Ruth Tapp's portrayal of a sheep was just one hilarious acting highlight' (Press and Journal)

'This brilliant 'must see' play.....managed to tell the complex story of the Murg community buyout in an engagingly simple, funny and entertaining way' (Stornoway Gazette)

'The swift changing scenes and numerous characters - cleverly executed - add up to an evening of fun yet provide food for deep reflection afterwards' (West Highland Free Press)

* * *

Snowhite - January 2012

I have now finished performing as Queen Evilina in Paisley Arts Centre's Christmas production of Snowhite and I'm happy to say the show was a great success! With sixty six performaces in five weeks, we performed to over ten thousand people and I enjoyed every boo and hiss that was thrown at me. The cast were fantastic to work with and the children from PACE Youth Theatre (who played all the smaller roles) were all absolutely excellent. I'm really going to miss everyone involved in the show - what a fun way to spend Christmas 2011!

What the reviewers said:

'Ruth Tapp's Evilina lived up to her name as Wicked Queen' (Glasgow Herald)

'Exceedingly good-humoured - the plentiful audience participation, was a joy' (Glasgow Herald)

'A welcome reminder of why pantos go on in the first place' (Glasgow Herald)

* * *

Lilies On The Land - May 2011

I have now finished working with Fresh Glory Productions on the national tour of their West End hit Lilies On The Land. I had a fantastic time and got to work in some beautiful theatres. I also loved my cool 1940s hair (see below!). The play portrayed the experiences of The Land girls during WW2 and was created using the testimonies of over one hundred women who served in The Land Army - many of whom came to see the show - some in full Land Army uniform! I understudied all four roles - quite a challenge as it meant I had to learn the whole play... The production opened at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich, then toured nationally to number one theatres across England, closing at The Cambridge Arts Theatre.

* * *

The Wife Of Usher's Well - November 2010

I have now finished my tour of The Wife Of Usher's Well with Quondam Theatre Company.The production was very well received and had a great response from audiences all over the UK. I had a fantastic time and particularly enjoyed playing the mischievous Cat pictured below. I think the highlight for me was the wonderful week we spent in the Scottish Borders with shows in Hawick, Selkirk and Melrose.

* * *

How Not To Live Your Life - August 2010

Season two of How Not To Live Your Life has been repeated on BBC2 a year after it's original broadcast on BBC3. The episode I am in, Don And The Wedding, was shown on August the 24th at 23:20pm - worth waiting up for! Watch the teaser trailer below!

* * *

Suspicious Minds - May 2010

I have now finished my production of Suspicious Minds at The GRV in Edinburgh with Siege Perilous and am pleased to say all five shows went very well! We had great audiences and very positive feedback. I really enjoyed working with such a wonderful team and feel very proud of what we achieved in such a short space of time. Oh and of course I have now become a huge Elvis fan too! Below are some rehearsal photos.

What the reviewers said:

'Ruth Tapp as his (John's) overlooked wife Fiona is also excellent, convincingly portraying the inner thoughts and feelings of a woman whose dreams have been dashed by her husband's cheating heart' (Edinburgh Spotlight)

'A multi-layered and intriguing performance which grips from the outset and doesn't let go until the final 'thank you very much'' (Edinburgh Spotlight)

'A fascinatingly constructed psychological thriller with some electrifying performances - The cast are all fantastic' (The Skinny)

'Enjoyable.....There's an energy to the play' (The Scotsman)

* * *

The Wizard Of Oz - April 2010

Following on from the success of The Hidden Jewel and others in 2009, The Wizard of Oz was my first open air Walking Theatre Company production of 2010 and I'm happy to say it was a huge success! Set in the grounds of Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute, 'Dorothy' put on her Ruby Wellies and led over 200 people back to Kansas through lovely gardens and beautiful wooded areas, meeting various characters along the way. There was even a chance to visit the 'Emerald City' in the Crypt of Mount Stuart!

* * *

Whisky Galore! - November 2009

I have now finished my tour of Whisky Galore! with Northumberland Theatre Company. The show was a huge success and I had an amazing time. We performed fifty three shows in fifty two venues from August to November - quite a schedule! I think probably the highlight for me was performing at Buxton Opera House - It's such a beautiful theatre. The audience reactions were very positive throughout the tour as were the reviews!!

What the reviewers said:

'The seven-strong cast appear in multi roles and it's an excellent team effort from Nigel Collins, Philip Oakland, Eleanor Dennison, Ruth Tapp, Anna Bolton, Sean Wildey and Louise Matthews' (North East Press)

'It's a cracking story, there's lots of gentle humour throughout and the quirky characters are fun - This entertaining play will be ideally suited for the intimate community, village and church halls it is set to tour in rural areas throughout the UK' (North East Press)

'Quirky and amusing....The hard working cast do a fine job' (The Stage)

* * *

How Not to Live Your Life - October 2009

The episode of How not To Live Your Life in which I played Jane was screened on the 20th of October 2009 on BBC3. The scene above was used as a episode teaser on you tube!

* * *

The Hidden Jewel - July 2009

What the reviewers said:

'The Hidden Jewel is a triumph' (ForArgyll)

'The setting (Dunollie Castle, Oban) is truly spectacular' (ForArgyll)

'There's a lovely moment, contrasting Catholicism with Paganism when Simon Linnell's bewildered, tattered priest is confronted with Ruth Tapp's percipient, mystical Brenna. These two actors manage to plumb truth from charm and begin the brooch's story with suitable echoes of the sons of Somerled' (ForArgyll)

* * *

Petya's Story - 2008

What the reviewers said:

'The Performances are all strong and Ruth Tapp as the ever positive Petya stands out particularly' (ExtraExtra!)

'Petya's Story is heartwarming, well acted and engaging. You cannot help but love ditzy Petya and care deeply what happens to the girls' (ExtraExtra!)

'Perhaps, when we next meet a Lithuanian office cleaner or Polish waitress, we might stop to think who she may be and what her story is...' (ExtraExtra!)

* * *

A Christmas Carol - 2007/8

What the reviewers said:

'It's by far the best version of the story I have ever seen' (indielondon)

'Book your ticket today - it really is worth it!' (The Stage)

'An excellent dramatisation of Dickens' classic - you can only enjoy it.' (UK Theatre Network)

'A delightful supporting cast including Will Tosh as long suffering Bob Cratchit and his feisty and resourceful wife, played convincingly by Ruth Tapp, served well to get this wonderful tale together' (South London Press)

* * *